jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008

Transits. Parte I



Sun Conjunct Sun

Your Birthday! Increases the desire for you to want to be noticed. Projects begun today have a good chance in turning out well. Good for approaching those in power. Very important to understand the Position of your Sun ~ such as Sign, Aspects and House Position.

Sun Conjunct Mercury

Things may seem a little busy and hectic. This transit 'Shines the Suns light' (energy and growth) on the area of life (House) that Mercury is found often revealing something you may want to talk or write about! You may feel more inclined than usual to speak up and others may ask for advice and consultation. Favorable for ~ communicating and listening to others. A good day to sign a contract, to promote or publicize something utilizing the media, buy or sell any mode of transportation (car, bike, airplane, etc.). Considered excellent for short trips or for taking drives to help clear your head or to focus on ideas and inspirations.


Sun Opposition Sun

This transit may bring some evidence about successes and/or losses regarding some ongoing projects. Decisions about what to keep and what to drop. Important contacts may be made with charismatic people. Increases personal creative expression when presenting yourself. Power struggles with others and children about your authoritative principals. Keep a fair perspective. Avoid ego confrontations and arrogant behavior or you may be the loser. Low physical energy.

Sun Opposition Moon

Public (Sun) and private (Moon) life issues in conflict today. Doing something that you should be doing ~ interferes with or keeps you from what you would like to be doing. Emotional confrontations with authorities or the opposite sex. Impossible demands may be asked of you. Best to strive for cooperation in matters. Be tactful. Negative behavior from others should be left alone. Others are not likely to be receptive to hearing your side or be willing to change their own opinions. Unwise spending or extravagance. Also indicates the ability to pull together last minute resources.

Sun Opposition Mercury

This transit increases challenges in communicative matters. Likely to not have that 'meeting of the minds' with any authority figures. Practice diplomacy. Be cool and stay level headed. Keep your ideas and views on low and listen to others ~ certain truths may come to light. Business travels. Difficulties in travel and driving. Not a good day to sign contracts.


Sun Square Sun

Responsibilities from past promises and commitments may arise today. Increases unpleasant or influential demands on you ~ cope with the frustration. Issues and struggles regarding self confidence.

Sun Square Moon

May bring about situations and conflicts concerning activities that you do not want to do and/or places you do not want to be today. Feeling especially sensitive to criticism. Your emotional feelings and issues are the last to be considered by others. Put aside your ego and feelings and more can be accomplished.

Sun Square Mercury

A day of having your patience stretched thin. You are behind schedule in your communications, writings and various duties. Feeling that you don't have the time to accomplish what others may want from you today. Boasting towards and from you. Take advice from superiors and authorities ~ even if presented in a critical way as it may contain some valuable information you need. Also a day of encountering traffic jams (if traveling).


Sun Trine Sun

A good day for socializing, entertaining, taking in cultural events ~ being artistic and dealing with children. This aspect occurs 4 months after and 4 months before your birthday.

Sun Trine Moon

Usually indicates a day of inner emotional peace. Take advantage and straighten out any misunderstandings, as others easily see your point of view. Any love relationship or friendship begun on this day, will prove to be valuable to your attitude in life. Good for weddings, all artistic, creative and domestic projects.

Sun Trine Mercury

Valuable information may come to you today. Business contracts and negotiating are favored. Good for communicating with authority. Possible to find yourself acting as a mediator. Favorable for ~ traveling, buying and selling items and studying. Problems may be addressed and resolved amicability.



Mercury Conjunct Sun

A good day to learn quickly, communicate with romantic partner or take a short trip. Known as an impulsive transit. Desirous of presenting opinions and ideas. Dramatic charisma.

Mercury Conjunct Moon

A good day for family and the domestic side of life, children, diet and health discussions. A transit that opens all channels for talking everything out. Favorable for clearing the air about matters that are personal and affect your life. Beneficial for initiating that discussion about any problem. More than usual gossip and speculating towards and from you. Favorable for transactions concerning real estate and transportation. Also good for family traveling and errands.

Mercury Conjunct Mercury

A transit of feeling more awake and hyper than usual. Increases your mental alertness and nervous energy. Favorable for making an effort to communicate if something needs addressing. Instances of 'meeting of the minds' with others. Ideas that are similar to yours are out and about. Good for discovering information that you have been looking for. Favorable for all types of communication and travel. Good for communicating with the media.


Mercury Opposition Sun

Not a good day to try to influence or persuade others or to get them to change their minds. Difficulties communicating your thoughts, ideas, or plans that could result in conflicts and/or arguments. It is still good - to express yourself and to listen to others even at the expense of bruised ego's and feelings. Not favorable for finalizing details or signing contracts. Wait till the next day or you may not be satisfied with the results. May also bring a increase to business.

Mercury Opposition Moon

Your mind is clouded with changeable or unsettled emotions. Even clear and simple communications are misunderstood. Its better to listen than to talk today. Leave subjects open ~ not good to make important decisions. Schedules and transportation matters are also unreliable. Disagreements with females, family members or neighbors. Brings stress and strain to the nervous system. Questioning yourself on how we think your own health is. For those that have a unafflicted Moon - this transit brings good energy for speaking out or speaking engagements to the public. Beneficial publicity.

Mercury Opposition Mercury

Stop, Look and Listen. You may find it difficult to express yourself and be understood. Instead seek out others opinions, be open and flexible in your thinking. A day of rumors and gossip. Do not sign any contracts or make any final decisions. Heavy traffic and short cuts that turn out to be the longer way around.


Mercury Square Sun

Feeling opposed or at odds with information that comes to you today. Also brings the ability to speak the truth about things that need to be said ~ but may not want to be heard. Increases chances of being offended and/or criticized by others or others by you. Patience will more than likely overcome all obstacles as this is still a minor transit.

Mercury Square Moon

Last minute scheduling changes. Communication problems. Conflicting information makes it difficult to make decisions. All around distractions and disruptions. Misplacement of important items. Inappropriate meals and drinks. Traffic delays. Mechanical failures. A minor aspect.

Mercury Square Mercury

Unavoidable delays. Miscommunications. Exhausting repetitions of work already done. 'Do overs'. Watch out read the fine print. Keep everything as simple as possible and keep moving forward even if the steps and moves are small.


Mercury Trine Sun

Discussing information you receive helps improve your physical attractiveness and reputation. Others seeks approval from you today. Advancement through social activities. Good for ~ all communications, mental work, group discussions, negotiations, signing contracts and organizing yourself and others.

Mercury Trine Moon

Deep emotional understandings are revealed while either listening and talking with others. All forms of communications flow easily bringing both good news and beneficial meetings. Favorable for granting favors and receiving them. Good for making plans about home and family life or any transaction involving real estate. Excellent for communicating with women, visiting with family and relatives. Good day to get the house cleaned.

Mercury Trine Mercury

Thinking is clear and balanced. Good time to ~ seek employment, sign contracts, deal with publications, write, lecture and/or speak clearly with others. Take advantage of opportunities presented. Make plans. Good for ~ group meetings, mechanical projects, travel and/or visiting educational and cultural places.



Venus Conjunct Sun

A lovely period when you'll be feeling very loving, affectionate and looking for fun. Don't be surprised if small gifts or presents come your way. Health will be good, as long as you're not too self indulgent. The magnetism of Venus will attract love - this could be a happy, fun loving and sociable few days.

Venus Conjunct Moon

Feeling dreamy and romantic, you'll want to spend time with someone you love - probably in the comfort and security of home. Nostalgia will cause to contact friends from the past - or just talk over "the good old days" with close loved ones. Contact with women, especially your mother, could bring positive results. The temptation to over-eat or drink may be hard to resist.

Venus Conjunct Mercury

Your relaxed and sociable mood will be contagious, with much laughter, happiness and .probably wine flowing between friends. This is also a great time to "clear the air" and talk through any problems with your lover. It will be easy to tell someone you love them. Finances and business negotiations look good, you'll be able to get your message across.

Venus Conjunct Venus

Love is the keyword during this period. Existing love affairs are likely to be strengthened and re-kindled - so don't be surprised if your partner suggests a more long-term commitment. New romance also looks promising. The temptation to buy items of luxury and beauty will be hard to resist. Go ahead - treat yourself! You may even feel like throwing a party.

Venus Conjunct Mars

Fiery passion and a strong attraction to lovers or potential lovers will be strongly expressed through sex. Even without sex, you'll feel more full of life and vivacious than usual - wanting to be with other people, rather than on your own. Make the best of lucrative financial opportunities.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter

Problems within personal relationships should be resolved during these few days. You may also be called upon to give emotional or financial support to a close friend, lover or member of the family. Social life should improve, but beware over-indulgence. The temptation to spend on beautiful objects, clothes or jewelry will be hard to resist.

Venus Conjunct Saturn

Temporary separations or the breaking up of love relationships are likely during this period. Beware nurturing jealousy - or it will grow into a green-eyed monster. Expression of emotion will be inhibited - giving the outward appearance of being cold and aloof. Fortunately, these feelings will only last a few days.

Venus Conjunct Uranus

Expect the unexpected, especially in your love life. Stale and dull relationships will need to be injected with a new sense of romance and adventure in order to survive. They'll either be boosted .or given the boot. New impulsive love affairs started now could prove exciting, but unstable and short-lived. There could be sudden financial gains, or if you're careless, unforeseen losses.

Venus Conjunct Neptune

With your head in the clouds for a few days, postpone making major decisions whilst in this vague and dreamy state. Love will be of the most pure, selfless kind - with your own ego being temporarily forfeited to the devotion of others. But beware putting loved ones on a pedestal - in times to come they may not live up to your expectations. Creativity could be exceptionally inspired.

Venus Conjunct Pluto

Intense emotions will either strengthen your love life, or bring about some kind of final confrontation or showdown. If you want to avoid arguments, then accept things as they are for a few days. These restless feelings will soon blow over. New whirlwind love affairs could sweep you off your feet - but be careful where you land!

Venus Conjunct Ascendant

This period could herald a completely new chapter in your love life - because you'll be able to talk problems through, certain hang-ups and insecurities could finally be overcome. Love, warmth and affection will be easily expressed, and readily returned. Spend extra time with friends and family during this harmonious and fulfill ling period. New love is likely.

Venus Conjunct MC

This will be a wonderful time to tell someone you love them .with a marriage or long term commitment on the cards. If single, romantic new love could deliriously intoxicate all your senses - leaving you somewhat dreamy and lightheaded! Surround yourself with friends - don't waste this potentially satisfying and love time on your own.


Venus Opposite Sun

Don't attempt any hard physical work - you simply won't be in the mood. Why not treat yourself to some rest and relaxation - take it easy and indulge yourself a little! But this could also be a time of dangerous romantic liaisons - the temptation to be indiscreet could be hard to resist. Lose yourself in some kind of creative work instead - and keep your head well out of the
firing line!

Venus Opposite Moon

Emotional traumas or problems could upset your family life during this time, women being the major source of conflict. Over- sensitive feelings can be easily hurt. Also, beware financial extravagance - it's time to hide those credit cards. Business negotiations should be temporarily postponed as they're not likely to proceed favorable or smoothly during this time.

Venus Opposite Mercury

News is likely to come your way that will affect your love life - perhaps via an unexpected letter or phone call. This may not necessarily be bad news, but it may temporarily shatter the peace and tranquility of your home life. Be careful not to spread gossip during this time.

Venus Opposite Venus

Keep a tight hold on your purse strings - every little luxury that you now see will seem like a necessity! Business negotiations should also be temporarily postponed. Watch out for confrontations with loved ones, especially women. But don't concede just for the sake of peace and quiet - you could be in the right!

Venus Opposite Mars

Even if you're not normally a jealous person, the green eyed monster could get the better of you during this time. Intense emotions could either lead to an aggressive, torrid sex life, or blazing rows! In any event, there's likely to be man/woman conflict leading to passionate emotional confrontations.

Venus Opposite Jupiter

If you don't want to overspend your budget during this time, then keep a tight hold on your purse strings. Too many late nights coupled with too much food and alcoholic beverages may leave you feeling somewhat drained. In business transaction, don't exaggerate and promise more than you can deliver!

Venus Opposite Saturn

Feeling disillusioned and unlucky in love, you may feel as if nothing is going your way. Because of this, emotional barriers will be erected to stop you from getting hurt - but this may only make matters worse. Conflict between your home and professional life may cause emotional confrontations.

Venus Opposite Uranus

Unexpected events in your love life may cause some disruption to your life - you may suddenly become involved in a whirlwind love affair which could be extremely exciting, passionate but somewhat short lived! Emotions will be both unpredictable and unstable. New friendships may be made, but at the expense of more long standing associations.

Venus Opposite Neptune

Lost in a world of romantic fantasy, you may now idealize your lover too much and put them on too high a pedestal. Avoid dubious business and get rich quick schemes - although at times they can be beneficial, they certainly won't work in your favor at the moment. Too much food and drink could drain vitality.

Venus Opposite Pluto

The temptation to succumb to a secret love affair may prove irresistible. In any case, powerful intense emotions could lead to confrontations with lovers - jealousy causing uncontrollable anger. Problems may arise over finances, either business or personal.

Venus Opposite Ascendant

Avoid arguments today- you won't have the physical or emotional energy to cope with the trials and tribulations of life. If possible, stay at home and surround yourself with life's little luxuries! Avoid confrontations at work - if you manage to keep the peace, then your skills of tact and diplomacy will make a greater impression.

Venus Opposite MC

Any kind of work will seem like an effort, so if possible, this is a day for being lazy around the home. Read a book, cuddle up on the couch with someone you love, and just relax.


Venus Sextile Sun

Feeling confident, optimistic and outgoing, this should be an excellent time for being with friends and loved ones. Business negotiations should go well - as should meetings or job interviews on a one-to-one basis. A good impression will be made.

Venus Sextile Moon

Sympathetic feelings of warmth and tenderness will make you extremely protective of those you love. Very little could anger you today. Contact with woman, especially your mother, could bring positive results - with love and friendship bonding the ties between you. A day to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of others.

Venus Sextile Mercury

Feeling sociable and easy-going, this would be a great day for a lazy get-together with good friends, loved ones and family. You'll talk about times gone by .and dream together of the future. Problems with lovers can be talked through - in clearing the air, you can now look to the future. Business deals should run smoothly.

Venus Sextile Venus

At this time it will be hard to hide feelings of love, warmth and tenderness. For those of you who are single .new love affairs started around now could blossom into stable and meaningful relationships. Business and financial negotiations could prove extremely lucrative. You're likely to spend on beautiful luxuries.

Venus Sextile Mars

Boosted by the relentless vigour and energy of Mars, you're likely to be in a positive and fun-loving mood. A great time for parties, and any type of social gathering a time for attracting new friends, and new lovers. Business and financial negotiations could prove extremely lucrative, particularly if setting up new and original deals.

Venus Sextile Jupiter

Feeling pleasantly lazy and lethargic, you'll much prefer to sit back and enjoy the comforts of life rather than rouse yourself to any action! Planetary transits also indicate much love, romance and new friendships. One special individual may certainly have a powerful effect on your life. A financial bonus or gift could come your way .and travel is likely.

Venus Sextile Saturn

Being ready to move onto the next stage, you'll be reaching a new level of understanding in all types of personal and emotional relationships. Not content with merely existing together, your individual needs, wants and expectations from each other will be discussed. Creativity and business transactions are favored.

Venus Sextile Uranus

Whirlwind and impulsive love affairs could suddenly start and end within a few short weeks. Rules may be broken, but you'll enjoy yourself along the way! Escaping boring dull day to day routine, you'll be looking for excitement and any unusual distractions. Being in a party mood - it's time to let your hair down and have some fun!

Venus Sextile Neptune

This will be a day to escape reality - everyone needs to occasionally lose themselves in delightful daydreams. With enough positive thought and action, these dreams could eventually come true. Love will be of the most pure, selfless kind. If you both open your hearts there could be a merging of souls rarely felt. Surround yourself with beauty.

Venus Sextile Pluto

A sudden love affair could be intense and electric, but with little chance of developing into a long lasting relationship. During these few days, powerful emotions will need to find an outlet through physical passion and sensuality. Powerful positive thoughts could bring positive results.

Venus Sextile Ascendant

This should be an untroubled and carefree time, so go out, party, and enjoy yourself! Feelings of love, sympathy and warmth will be generously shared with close friends and loved ones .and maybe even with people you've only just met! A new love affair could progress into a more stable and meaningful relationship.

Venus Sextile MC

You're now ready to compromise, so if there have been problems within any personal relationships - this is an excellent fews days to talk grievances through and clear the air. You'll be more willing to give and more willing to listen. Surround yourself with friends - get out and enjoy yourself!


Venus Square Sun

Lacking energy, you'll be more inclined to sit around and do as little as you can during this time. It would be just as well to postpone major tasks or decisions until your energy increases and you're in a more positive frame of mind. Personal relationships could also feel the strain, especially if you've been choosing to hide or ignore pressing problems.

Venus Square Moon

Because of extreme emotional sensitivity, even the slightest hurt or misunderstanding with loved ones or friends will cut you to the quick and upset you deeply. You may feel alone and isolated. Take care not to over-react by smothering other people with your affection - being over-protective could equally alienate loved ones.

Venus Square Mercury

Avoid anything which could upset you or disturb your equilibrium during this time, as you may find it difficult to cope with any disputes or strife. Unable to properly defend yourself, you could become the victim instead of the victor. Problems in both your love life and social life are likely, so perhaps it's best to keep your head down and out of the firing line.

Venus Square Venus

Beware financial extravagance over the next few days. Personal and love relationships may also find themselves in the firing line - you could become the victim of a misunderstanding, or someone you love and trust could now be trying to take advantage in some way. Energy levels are likely to be low therefore very little will be achieved during this time.

Venus Square Mars

Jealousy and possessiveness could cause conflicts in romance and marriage yet at the same time heightened passions will increase your sex drive. This combination could either produce fiery passion, strengthening inextricable bonds of love .or blazing tempers and rows - which could tear the relationship apart. If
unattached, you could now be unreservedly attracted to anyone!

Venus Square Jupiter

Low energy levels could leave you feeling drained of all vitality during this time. Work and career productivity could also suffer through failure to perform duties efficiently and competently. Beware financial extravagance. Personal and love relationships could also find themselves in the firing line. Perhaps this would be a good time to take a short break or holiday - but don't spend too much!

Venus Square Saturn

Tension, conflict, friction .they're all words to describe the way you're no likely to be feeling towards a lover or marriage partner. Problem which have been bubbling away beneath the surface could now violently erupt and if the differences are irreconcilable, then the relationship could come to an abrupt halt. However, strong and stable relationships could survive this emotional warfare.

Venus Square Uranus

Expect some disruption to your love life during this time. Either you, or your partner, may take unusual steps to either inject some fresh life into a present relationship; or one of you will start to look for something new a love which is more unpredictable and exciting. Love affairs started now are likely to be exhilarating and electrifying, but short lived.

Venus Square Neptune

Rocky and unstable relationships could now crumble, or you may look elsewhere for emotional and physical satisfaction. Therefore secret love affairs are now possible. You may also now choose to escape into the past as a welcome relief from the problems and responsibilities of the present. Postpone major financial decisions until stability returns into your life.

Venus Square Pluto

The worst thing that anyone can do to you during these few days is hurt your pride - it's something you'll presently find very difficult to forgive. However, resist the desire to control lovers and friends, or relationships could become a constant ego and power battle. New relationships could be exciting, feisty but short lived.

Venus Square Ascendant

Make a special effort when putting your point across, especially in personal and love relationships .or you're likely to be misunderstood. Also, beware squandering money on unnecessary items, which may seem luxurious now but will be completely useless in a few short weeks time.

Venus Square MC

Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness may have to be controlled during this time. Unwanted social obligations could also disrupt your daily routine and leave you feeling drained and dissatisfied.


Venus Trine Sun

Strong feelings of love and enjoyment of life should dominate your thoughts and actions during this time. Basically, you'll just feel like enjoying yourself and therefore work will take second place to leisure activities. Your good mood will be infectious - and others will enjoy being around you.

Venus Trine Moon

You should get on quite well with everyone around you during this time, but especially with women. There'll be a general love of life and a feeling of joie de vivre, which you'll wish you felt more often! Very little could put you in a bad mood - you'll be too busy showering feelings of love, warmth and affection on everyone around you!

Venus Trine Mercury

Communication with loved ones - be they family, lovers or friends should be exceptionally good during this time - so why not tell them just how much you care! Business matters should proceed smoothly as well - so if there are any important contracts to be signed, or contacts to be made .then now's the best time to get the ball rolling.

Venus Trine Venus

Lady luck could be calling during this time, so make sure that you leave your door wide open! Feeling relaxed, easy going and sociable - many opportunities will seemingly just land in your lap - but they actually are the accumulation of previous hard graft. Spend as much time as you can with your lover - this could be a tremendously romantic period.

Venus Trine Mars

Full of energy and raring to go, nothing will be able to stop you or get in your way during this time. There are mountains to be climbed and battles to conquered! Passionate emotions will difficult to control, therefore love life should become more sensual and romantic. New love affairs will be intense, but short.

Venus Trine Jupiter

During this time, you'll put others before yourself and will be seen as sympathetic, generous and out-going .giving support and love to those in need. Planetary transits are also signaling the beginning of pleasant, romantic love affairs. Strenuous work should be avoided as you'll be feeling unhurried and carefree. But watch your diet - as weight could easily be gained.

Venus Trine Saturn

Now's the time to sort out problems in personal relationships. If you're unattached you could now be drawn to a new relationship with the promise of a stable, secure and lasting love. One of you is likely to be more mature than the other, either in age or experience. A connection with the past could also stir old memories.

Venus Trine Uranus

Are you ready for some love and romance? All relationships should now become more loving and secure, especially if you manage to reawaken slumbering passions. You may now be ready to make a more long term commitment to your partner. New love affairs should be exciting and unusual - so expect the unexpected! Cash flow should also improve, as should health.

Venus Trine Neptune

Any new love affair or romance started during this period will seem like a match made in heaven .almost as if, as well as a wonderful physical union, there will also be tremendous spiritual union between the both of you. Present relationships should also become closer and more emotionally stable and secure. This is not so much a time to make dreams come true, but to create dreams which could come true in the future.

Venus Trine Pluto

Intense emotions will ensure an active and lively love life. Winds of changes are now blowing away emotional cobwebs and reviving forgotten feelings of romance. Accept any invitations that come your way as they could lead to a passionate, enduring encounter. Creativity at work should also be enhanced.

Venus Trine Ascendant

Don't plan anything too strenuous during this period as you're likely to be too pre-occupied with taking it easy and having fun! Why not plan a party - you'll enjoy sharing these feelings of affection, warmth and love with friends. Telling someone just how much you love them will strengthen the emotional ties between you. An expected financial bonus could also come your way - so why not treat yourself to some well-deserved luxuries!

Venus Trine MC

Being fair-minded and balanced in your opinions, you may find yourself the mediator in a family quarrel during this time. Your sensible advice will be needed. Creativity at work should also be enhanced. Take advantage of any opportunity that enables you to work from home - either on a temporary or permanent basis.



Mars Conjunct Sun

Armed with a true fighting spirit and boundless energetic enthusiasm, there's little you won't be able to achieve during this time. But if anyone should try to stand in your way, then they're likely to be trampled underfoot! Argument and conflicts may be hard to avoid. However, a solution could be to expend excessive aggression through hard physical work. Beware being accident prone during this time.

Mars Conjunct Moon

Arguments and ego clashes may be hard to avoid during this time. You'll be looking for trouble, and will probably find it! The plus side is that you'll stand up for your rights and will refuse to be trampled upon. The minus side is that your anger won't be justified - and may relate to something that happened long ago - an event which everyone but yourself has forgotten.

Mars Conjunct Mercury

Verbal aggression could cause a few problems during these few days. Feeling somewhat tetchy, fools won't be suffered gladly, and anyone who provokes you or who doesn't meet your high standards is likely to be subjected to cutting and sarcastic criticism. Be careful of hazardous or dangerous situations as you could now be accident prone.

Mars Conjunct Venus

Fiery passion and a strong attraction to lovers or potential lovers will be strongly expressed through sex. Even without sex, you'll feel more full of life and vivacious than usual - wanting to be with other people, rather than on your own. Make the best of lucrative financial opportunities.

Mars Conjunct Mars

Tremendous energy will have to find a suitable outlet, otherwise it could turn into temper tantrums and deliberate arguments. Hard physical work would certainly help let off steam and diffuse some of this frenetic excessive nervous energy. You'll want to do everything your way during this time. Interference from others will not be tolerated.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Armed with more energy, enthusiasm and motivation - you'll now be ready to tackle any obstacle head-on! It's time to set your targets and aim straight for the top! The luxury of good fortune, coupled with hard but satisfying work should bring excellent results. But do remember to rest occasionally.

Mars Conjunct Saturn

You're now either going to be capable of extremely hard work, with a determination and energy to drive you onwards and upwards; or you'll simply feel that no matter how hard you're trying .you're getting nowhere fast. Patience won't be your strongest virtue. Watch your temper and possible clashes with authority figures.

Mars Conjunct Uranus

Feeling a sudden need for personal freedom and independence, any restrictions on your actions will now seem unbearable. Irritability and temper may be difficult to control as previously hidden pent-up emotions are finally aired. Unexpected events could disrupt your daily routine. Be very aware of what's happening all around you as you're likely to be accident prone.

Mars Conjunct Neptune

Hidden feelings and secrets may now come into the open and there's likely to be a general air of deceptiveness and dishonesty around you at the moment. Be wary of being manipulated. Avoid demanding physical labor as this will further drain depleted energies. However, intuition and
creativity should be heightened.

Mars Conjunct Pluto

During this time you'll have tremendous energy almost too much because you may find it difficult to harness and keep it under control! You'll either now have the strength and stamina to make excellent progress towards achieving goals; or aimless fritter away all this energy. Beware accidents, control your temper, and don't place yourself in dangerous situations.

Mars Conjunct Ascendant

Powerful emotions and extremely high energy levels make a potent mixture! You'll either be capable of conquering the world during this time, or falling flat on your face because of uncontrolled temper. Concentrate this potent energy into solid, hard work - and the results should be staggering. Beware of being accident prone.

Mars Conjunct MC

Confidence will be your keyword during this time. However, this confidence and bravado may border on the line of arrogance and dictatorial behavior. Be careful not to ride rough-shod over others in order to get your own way. Conflicts at work could be caused by colleagues trying to steal your limelight. As interference won't easily be tolerated either, taking orders and instructions could also prove difficult.


Mars Opposite Sun

Uncontrolled anger to lead to disputes or conflicts with others, especially those in authority. Feeling irritable, you may be somewhat difficult to get along with during this time! On the other hand, if you can control this explosive energy, then much could be achieved. Controlled positive thoughts will lead to positive actions.

Mars Opposite Moon

Moodiness, irritability and bad temper could cause arguments during this time. You may find yourself losing your temper with a loved one for no apparent reason at all - and they're likely to be quite hurt and confused by your behavior. Hidden tensions are now likely to surface. Also, as you may be somewhat accident prone - avoid dangerous situations.

Mars Opposite Mercury

Although you own feelings could be hurt easily during this time, in retaliation you may verbally strike out against anyone and everyone within shouting distance! You're likely to be irritable, moody and bad tempered - so beware starting arguments just for the sake of it. You could also be somewhat accident prone.

Mars Opposite Venus

Jealousy and possessiveness could cause conflicts in romance and marriage yet at the same time heightened passions will increase your sex drive. This combination could either produce fiery passion, strengthening inextricable bonds of love .or blazing tempers and rows - which could tear an unstable relationship
apart. If unattached, you could now be attracted to the most unusual of people!

Mars Opposite Mars

Your bossy and overbearing behavior during this time could alienate others - especially loved ones. You're likely to be bad tempered and irritable - and simply won't take no for an answer! Or you may have to suffer someone who is displaying all these arrogant traits - in which case you'll need to be patient until their mood passes. Also take care during this time, as you could be somewhat accident prone.

Mars Opposite Jupiter

This could be an incredibly expensive time ahead. Also, feeling ambitious wanting to do everything in a very grand and showy way could be a big problem. Overconfidence and an over inflated ego could be another problem - so don't take on more than you can handle and don't promise more than you can deliver!

Mars Opposite Saturn

Feeling frustrated and angry .this could be a very trying time. You may even have difficulty in focusing on your anger .not really knowing where it's coming from - but being all too aware of the incredibly intense feelings bubbling away inside you - just waiting to erupt. Perhaps this anger is the result of having to wait a seemingly endless period of time for a particular event to happen.

Mars Opposite Uranus

An incredible restless dynamic energy will make you crave for personal freedom and independence during this time. Restrictions in your life simply won't be tolerated and you'll rebel against anyone trying to hold you back. People with some kind of authority over you are now likely to bear the brunt of your anger. You're now prepared to do battle!

Mars Opposite Neptune

During this time it's of the utmost importance not to become involved in any shady or dubious schemes or deals .anything that would either cause scandal or trouble with the law. Sometimes these "get-rich-quick" schemes seem to work, but at the moment they’ll only backfire. You could easily be deceived.

Mars Opposite Pluto

During this time you must find a satisfying outlet for frenetic, intense and extremely high energy levels. Beware power struggles, both in your personal and professional life. Challenges to your authority and ego won't be dismissed lightly. You'll want to dominate - to be in control. Confrontations could particularly concern finances, legal or tax matters.

Mars Opposite Ascendant

Expect some serious conflict during this time .both or either in your personal and professional life. Be prepared for battle, and count yourself lucky if you emerge with just a bruised ego! There's also a strong likelihood of being somewhat accident prone - so watch your step.

Mars Opposite Midheaven

Others may be envious of your achievements and may therefore erect barriers and put obstacles in your path to prevent you from getting any further ahead. Don't play into their hands and react with anger - that's exactly what they want. Instead, keep your head down well out of the firing line but continue making steady progress. Deceitful competitors will soon be left well behind.


Mars Sextile Sun

High energy levels should be concentrated on work and career - as once in a lifetime opportunities may now come your way. Promotions and salary increases are likely. You'll now be prepared to put heart, body and soul into everything you do - and this won't go unnoticed. Confidence and feelings of self-worth will soar.

Mars Sextile Moon

Your emotions will be a powerhouse during this time. You won't be satisfied just to think you'll now want to feel as well. Personal relationships and new love affairs will be intense, sensual and passionate - many of you making romantic fantasies and dreams come true. Much activity will centre around the home - you could decide to redecorate.

Mars Sextile Mercury

Expect plenty of communication during this period - such as numerous letters, telephone calls and personal visits. Business negotiations should prove extremely lucrative, as you'll confidently express your needs concisely, accurately and efficiently. Business travel is also likely.

Mars Sextile Venus

Boosted by the relentless vigor and energy of Mars, you're now likely to be in a positive and fun loving mood. A great time for parties, and any type of social gathering a time for attracting new friends, and new lovers. Business and financial negotiations could prove extremely lucrative, particularly if setting up new business deals.

Mars Sextile Mars

Extremely high energy levels should enable you to tackle demanding physical work or sporting activities. Health should improve. As self confidence is also running high, business negotiations could also prove extremely lucrative. Travel is likely. This is a time for energetic action - not inaction.

Mars Sextile Jupiter

This should be a period of steady growth in all business, legal and financial matters .winning the trust and confidence of friends and colleagues. With energy levels, enthusiasm and self confidence running high - there's very little that will get you down or stand in your way. Split second decisions should be made accurately, and with excellent timing.

Mars Sextile Saturn

You'll now be capable of extremely hard work, with a concentration and intense energy that will drive you onwards and upwards. You'll see each task and project as a challenge one which must be completed at all costs. The exact amount of energy required will be expended on each task - with no time or precious energy wasted.

Mars Sextile Uranus

No longer satisfied with just daydreaming, you'll now suddenly have the confidence and energy to make positive changes in your life, without compromise. Others will have to go along with these changes, or they'll be left behind in a cloud of dust as you energetically blaze a powerful trail to better and greater personal ambitions and achievements.

Mars Sextile Neptune

Being more concerned and sympathetic with other people's needs rather than your own, you'll be willing to devote much time and energy to lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Thoughts are also likely to turn to more spiritual and religious matters. Be aware of your dreams - they could disclose hidden messages.

Mars Sextile Pluto

This could be a time of tremendous achievements. You're both ready and able to work extremely hard towards successfully reaching personal goals and ambitions. Self confidence and a sense of adventure will urge you to take action in areas only dreamed of in the past. Logic and intuition will be well balanced.

Mars Sextile Ascendant

This is a time to indulge in hard, physical and varied activity. You should be able to achieve much more than usual, especially if you're surrounded by people of like mind as motivation and enthusiasm will be contagious. Slower colleagues, however, could become a source of irritation. Others will see you as being dynamic and outgoing.

Mars Sextile MC

The ability to work hard coupled with determined ambition should produce excellent professional and career achievements. Slower colleagues, however, could be a source of irritation. Home and personal life should also benefit as this would be a great time to catch up on DIY jobs, or redecorate the home.


Mars Square Sun

It could almost impossible to contain your boundless energy and enthusiasm during this time. You should therefore be able to roll up your sleeves and get down to some hard, but satisfying work. Success awaits you, but not before first overcoming some formidable obstacles. Intense emotions could cause upheavals in love.

Mars Square Moon

Moodiness, irritability and bad temper could cause arguments during this time. You may find yourself losing your temper with a loved one for no reason at all - and they could be quite hurt and confused by your behavior . Hidden tensions are now likely to surface. As you may also be somewhat accident prone, don't put yourself into dangerous situations.

Mars Square Mercury

Although your own feelings could be hurt easily during this time, in retaliation you may strike out verbally against anyone and everyone within shouting distance! You're likely to be irritable, moody and bad tempered - so beware starting arguments just for the sake of it. You could also be somewhat accident prone.

Mars Square Venus

Jealousy and possessiveness could cause conflicts in romance and marriage yet at the same time heightened passions will increase your sex drive. This combination could either produce fiery passion, strengthening inextricable bonds of love .or blazing tempers and rows - which could tear the relationship apart. If unattached, you could now be unreservedly attracted to anyone!

Mars Square Mars

Your bossy and overbearing behavior during this time could alienate others. You're likely to be bad tempered and irritable - and simply won't take no for an answer! Or you may have to suffer someone who's displaying all these arrogant and intense traits - in which case you'll need to be patient until their mood softens. You could also be somewhat accident prone.

Mars Square Jupiter

During this time you really won't take no for an answer! Being self-assertive is one thing, but your over-confidence could seem rather arrogant and opinionated to others. Lacking both tact and moderation, you could now really put your foot in it! Beware extravagance in all financial and business matters - don't promise more than you can deliver.

Mars Square Saturn

The fiery Mars temper will be at its fiercest under this transit of Mars Square Saturn. A smoldering anger will be bubbling away inside you .and heaven help the innocent bystander when this anger is vented! This could be the culmination of months of frustration. Ego clashes are likely. This transit also often indicates accidents and injury - so take care.

Mars Square Uranus

Freedom and independence will be of utmost importance to you during these few days. You're likely to rebel against any type of authority - this could cause conflicts with those closest and nearest to you. Stale relationships are likely to end. Unexpected disruptions to your life should be looked upon as a challenge.

Mars Square Neptune

Someone could be trying to set you up, possibly even forcing you to act against your own will. Beware being susceptible to other's scheming and plotting. Avoid any questionable, shady or illegal action. Health may suffer through low physical energy. Rest as much as you can to avoid illness, particularly infections. You may become involved in a secret love affair or secret business plans during this time.

Mars Square Pluto

There is much you can accomplish during this time, if only you can control your powerful energies .and temper. If you enjoy a challenge, then this period could bring about positive, lasting changes into your life. You'll now be prepared to work extremely hard to achieve personal goals and ambitions - but be careful not to overdo it - don't exhaust yourself.

Mars Square Ascendant

There's likely to be a strong difference of opinion between yourself and a loved one during this time - or it may involve someone you share accommodation with. No matter how difficult it seems, try to find some middle ground so that at least you can talk your problems through.

Mars Square MC

A streak of selfishness could temporarily make you either forget or ignore other people's needs. At the moment, you're only out for number one and no one else will matter. Obviously, this could alienate friends and loved ones and conflicts are likely. Think carefully before acting on impulsive decisions - it really is the right time to look before you leap.

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