martes, 5 de febrero de 2008

Super Tuesday Coverage Around the Web

The New York Times

Full Results

Detailed results and the delegate selection process.

It’s Super Tuesday in the United States today which means that a good chunk of states are holding their primaries or caucuses. A whopping 52 percent of Democratic delegates and 41 percent of Republican delegates are up for grabs with 24 states heading to the polls. We’ve already talked about how different this election year is in terms of how people get their information about the different candidates (via the Internet), but it’s also different because more people are wanting to share information and opinions via the web as well. There are a handful of sites that will help you keep up with with and share all of the action today.


You’ll want to visit today to view and share “political opinions, analysis, interviews, or campaign trail footage.” They’ve got a big map that is clickable so that you can zoom into your state see videos that were taken in your area. They encourage people to document their whole primary experience from the start to the end, and then share it so that people who aren’t familiar with what the primaries are like will know.

Washington Post

The Washington Post is getting in on Super Tuesday action as well. For the first time ever, and Newsweek will be hosting a webcast with live reporting, results and discussion all online. It all starts at 6PM (Eastern), and you can get access to that coverage by clicking here.


Even BBC has an interactive map that users can click on to learn more about what is going on in each state. For example, I clicked on Illinois and found that there are 153 democratic delegates and 57 republican delegates available today, Feb. 5th. They note that Obama is expected to win the state on the Democratic side while McCain is expected to win the Republican side.

Know of a site that will be covering Super Tuesday? Let us know!

¿Desea seguir los resultados del Super -Martes por Internet?

Hoy es el Super Martes en los Estados Unidos, lo que implica que un significativo número de delegados serán escogidos en las carreras para escoger al representante del partido demócrata y republicano a la Casa Blanca. Para ser exactos, son 52% de los delegados demócratas y 41% de los Republicanos … en un solo día.

Si usted desea seguir el evento en vivo por la Internet, no hay problema. Tres páginas webs están disponibles para ello:

1.-, Tienen un mapa interactivo con información, entrevistas y opinión que los propios usuarios han y continúan publicando.

2.- The Washington Post,, un proyecto conjunto entre el diario y Newsweek, con resultados en vivo a partir de las 6pm, hora de Washington. En la parte superior derecha de la página, puede ver en vivo la cobertura de las elecciones, con entrevistas y análisis. Ese video lo pueden conseguir aquí:

3.- BBC,, con un mapa interactivo que da información por estado. Por ejemplo, al presionar en California, se informa que 371 delegados demócratas y 170 delegados republicanos están en juego.

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