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August 2008 News from the Stars

Spiritual Insights

Change is the buzzword I hear now. The one constant of this world is it is that everything is ever changing. We say we want change, especially right now since most are unhappy with the predicament the world is in. The economy is the focus now but the economy is the result of deeper issues that I want to discuss here. From our beginnings in the womb we are continually growing. The purpose of our being here is all about growth. Growth is the ever-changing transformation into something better. As we continually grow in the womb there comes a time when we outgrow our conditions, when it is time for a transition. Then things get very uncomfortable, for we are being forced out of the limiting condition we found so very comfortable before. This analogy is part of how our world operates. At many times in our lives we outgrow the conditions we are in, and we are forced out into another phase of our lives. To remain the same is stifling and limiting, and we know we must make the transition - which of course is usually painful. To break out of the conditions that have been so comfortable, into an unknown new situation is hard and painful. But like our original beginning we must break out into the unknown. This is all part of the process of growth. Our world is birthing a new civilization. We are breaking out of an outgrown condition into the unknown. Yes, everyone wants change right now, but change is not easy and we have to be willing to go through what it takes to birth an entire new world. The many who claim they want change but really are the ones who won’t change, will not make it through this transition time. There will be a loss of many lives during this turbulent time to come. But it is the most exciting time to be on the planet, to be part of the most transformational period of history. The next four years will be amazing, and this month is when it will begin to take off.

Individually we must always seek growth, or our lives will become destructive and will eventually come to an end. I believe disease can be due to the lack of growth in a life. When people stay stuck in their ways and lives not allowing the growth to take place, then certain events occur to promote our growth. Situations, diseases, and relationships will give us clear indications on what it is we are avoiding and prevents us from our growth. When people refuse to see the truth and grow they will eventually create some situation that forces them to grow. If they still refuse to grow they will eventually die. Death is transformation just as birth is. Ultimately through continual growth we uncover all the illusions and reach cosmic consciousness as the saints and avatars have.

It is during this revolutionary time in history, to address our own growth individually and truly ask what we must change in our lives. I don’t think it is fair to ask for revolutionary changes in the world when we ourselves will not address issues or situations in our lives that need change. And I don’t mean the ecology or how much energy we waste. Of course these are important issues but I am referring to the deep issues we need to address now so our lives will flow with the necessary changes that will take us to the next level of awareness. It is time to work on and change yourself if you expect others to change, and ultimately the world. You can eliminate suffering in your life, as well as the world, by being conscious and aware of the area you need to wake up and change promoting growth in your life. Usually the big changes in our life occur for a reason, unbeknown to us. Some of the worst life changes can be a blessing in disguise. They are a means to get us to think in a different way and create the change we need. Back in 1984 I was married for about four years and was a flight attendant. My husband and I traveled all over the world. He had a restaurant and also worked in the wine business. We would get the red carpet treatment whenever we went to wineries. I will never forget how beautiful and memorable the wineries were in France, Italy and California. But right in the mist of all this world travel coming back from Hong Kong I felt unusually tired. Come to find out, I was pregnant! Transiting Saturn was in my 5th house of children. I was so depressed. This exciting life had to come to an end. No more wine and no more travel. I didn’t want to be pregnant yet! So this event of course grounded me. I was very upset. It changed my entire life right when I was enjoying it so much. But little did I know this was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. After having my first son my life transformed in such a wonderful and meaningful way. I needed the change that has produced one of the most growth producing experiences of my life. Having children taught me unconditional love and compassion. I resented the change initially, not knowing what transformation would come from it. There is a Divine power that knows what is best for us. I now have 3 sons and can’t imagine my life without them. How meaningless it would have been for me to continually travel and not have meaning and purpose in my life. The Divine power creates the necessary changes we need for growth in our lives but we resistant.

When your life takes sudden turn in direction, be aware. It is the Divine working to shift you in a direction you must go in order to grow and find meaning and purpose in your life. When we are not living a life of meaning and purpose we are stifled and not growing. Growth through meaning and purpose is the true reality of why we are here.

Planetary Predictions

This new moon is a solar eclipse. Eclipses are the harbingers of extremes in weather and natural disasters, like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. World calamities and disruption are on the rise. Both political candidates, Obama and McCain, have serious afflictions in both of their charts. The political war will really take off now.

August 2008 New Moon and Solar Eclipse Chart for the USA

Watch for something very scandalous concerning Obama to surface. This will shake up the political race. I believe his running mate will surprise everyone. The eclipse degree of the Sun and Moon are at 15 degrees of Cancer in Pusha nakshatra. This degree is crucial for it affects many of the charts I use for prediction. It is conjunct Rahu in the 8th house in the USA chart. This indicates major changes and sudden unexpected reversals. It can also indicate unforeseen deaths, mainly in America. This month will be a turning point in the elections. Many disturbances will occur for President Bush. He will have to make some major decisions. It looks like no matter who becomes the next president of the United States we will continue to be at War because so many threats and actual events will take place around the elections. Transiting Saturn will conjunct President Bush’s natal Mars. This indicates a very difficult situation now. He will be pressured to make a very difficult choice. The eclipse degree lands on Bush’s Ascendant, meaning a physical risk for him. Neptune is opposing his Venus denoting there is something brewing behind the scenes of which no one is aware.

Those born around the time of this eclipse August 1st, will have a very challenging year. Eclipses bring on enormous change. I have noticed it generally deals with health issues for them or their loved ones. The birthdays I am referring to are around July 28th through August 4th.

As I mentioned before, the eclipse path is over Asia and will have a serious effect on the Olympics in Beijing, China. I suspect there will be some political uprising that will be disruptive.

Saturn and Mars are causing havoc on the economy. The highs and lows in the stock market are creating fear in the economy. It feels like the carpet has been ripped out from under our feet. Our sense of security is gone. People are looking for other and unusual ways to make a living.

Now that Saturn has finally transited into the nakshatra Purva Phalguni ruled by wealth producing Venus, the economy will begin to improve. The oil prices will begin to come down. Saturn’s transit in Magha ruled by Ketu almost ruined the economy beyond repair. I may be overly optimistic but I believe there is hope for our damaged economy.

August 6th Mars opposes Uranus. Our leaders are on shaky ground. There may be a sudden attack or loss of one of our leaders. There may be some serious health concerns for Vice President Chaney. Air travel can be risky around this time, especially for any of the political candidates, or President Bush and Vice President Chaney.

August 10th the Sun will conjoin Ketu which indicates loss and fear. There are many disturbances in the air now. This will be a very spiritualizing force. Compassion for others and their losses dominate the news. This can mean the loss of a leader, such as assassinations or assassination attempts. Care must be taken now. This can be a time for a spiritual awakening globally. Take this time personally to meditate and reconnect within. You will find your answers if you ask.

August 16th is the Lunar eclipse. This is a very emotional time, so stay low-key. There is a very positive trine with Jupiter to Venus, Mercury and Saturn. This can turn around many financial markets that have been at their low ebb. Some very positive trends will come out of some very bad predicaments.

August 17th: Mars aspects Pluto and Jupiter aspects Mercury. This will produce problems in the airline industry. Many fuel dependant industries have been under stress and are beginning to finally break. Help is needed from the government or other outside sources.

Planetary Aspects

08/01 New Moon 15 Cancer
08/01 Venus enters Leo
08/04 Mercury conjunct Ketu
08/06 Mars oppose Uranus
08/06 Mercury oppose Neptune
08/07 Mercury enters Leo
08/09 Mars enters Virgo
08/11 Sun conjunct Ketu
08/13 Venus conjunct Saturn
08/15 Sun oppose Neptune
08/15 Mercury conjunct Saturn
08/16 Full Moon 29 Cancer
08/16 Sun enters Leo
08/16 Jupiter aspect Venus
08/17 Mars aspects Pluto (4th)
08/17 Jupiter aspect Mercury
08/21 Mercury conjunct Venus
08/23 Mercury oppose Uranus
08/23 Venus oppose Uranus
08/24 Mercury enters Virgo
08/25 Venus enters Virgo

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