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Cartas natales de John McCain y Barack Obama

Birth Data

Birth Name: John McCain
Birth Date: 08/29/1936 (Aug. 29, 1936)
Birth Time: 09:00 (9:00 AM) EST +5:00
Birth Place: Coco Solo Air Base, Panama Canal
Latitude / Longitude: 9 N 22 / 79 W 53
Rodden Rating / Source: A / From memory

Source Notes:Shelley Ackerman quotes the Internet for 9:00 AM, from Rowena Wall who wrote that she obtained the data from two different staffers at McCain's campaign HQ. Mark McDonough called both the election office and Senator McCain's political office and was told that they had no copy of the medical records on hand to provide written documentation of his birth time. McCain's deputy press secretary said she had many people call for his birth time and she had called his mother. Mom said "about 9 AM." In one of his political ads in May 2008, he and his mom are "chatting" and she said "I awakened and I told Jack, "we're gonna' have this baby. This baby came, I think, about 11:00"


Certificado de nacimiento de Barack Obama. Click sobre las imágenes para ampliarlas

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