viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

Shanghai Tower - China's Next Tallest Building

At 632m (2070ft) tall and with 138 floors, Shanghai Tower will be the next China's tallest building when it is completed. The Tower is scheduled to open partially in 2012 when the top floor is finished. The skyscraper will open fully in 2014.

Designed by Texan Architect Marshall Strabala, of Gensler Architects, the £1.5 billion Shanghai Tower is organized as nine cylindrical buildings stacked one atop another. The inner layer of the double-skin facade encloses the stacked buildings, while a triangular exterior layer creates the second skin, or building envelope, which gently rotates as it rises. The spaces between the two facade layers create nine atrium sky gardens.

Shanghai Tower will have a total construction area of 576,000 square meters, including 380,000 square meters on the ground. It will feature office space, luxury residences, a high-end hotel, retail space, restaurants and a public observatory.

Commissioned by Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co., Ltd and designed by Gensler, the Shanghai Tower will definitely be one of a kind, demonstrating limitless possibilities and achievements.

Source & Images Via: worldarchitecturenews

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Elisabeth dijo...

ufffff me ha dado mareo de solo mirar la foto jejejeje q altura mare precioso


[camille paixão] dijo...

wow! it's amazing Archenar
audacious chineses...always surprising the world.
good post!
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Achernar dijo...

Gracias, Camille. Que pases un feliz fin de semana.